We Don’t Just Work Together, We Give Together


One of the reasons the mortgage business is a rewarding career, is the direct connection to the American dream.

As mortgage advisors, we celebrate the joy of home ownership with our clients on a regular basis, but we never lose sight of those struggling to fulfill a much simpler dream – to meet basic needs for food, clothing and shelter. As the Logemann Group (a team of RPM professionals in Newport Beach) recently discovered, there is always something more we can do…and will do!

Group PhotoLast week, team members provided cake, decorations and gift cards to help host a celebration of the July birthdays for the residents of the OC Rescue Mission. RPM’s Jodie Hertel, who was instrumental in organizing the event, was enthusiastic about the team’s participation.

“It was such a humbling experience to help people of our community who, for whatever reason, have had some kind of hard time that forced them to be there,” she said. “The simple act of us bringing cake and a few decorations truly brought smiles to their faces and joy to our hearts!”

The event left Shelly Logemann, President of the Logemann Group, feeling inspired to continue their commitment to service. “I look forward to the next team event and encourage all of you to bring ideas forth where we can volunteer and participate in helping make others’ lives a little bit better.”
OC Rescue Mission KitchenThe Orange County Rescue Mission provides assistance to feed, clothe, shelter, heal, and empower those in need. The kitchen, from which countless meals are served daily, is embellished with the mantra “Give a man a fish and you have fed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you have fed him for a lifetime.” It is a clear nod to the organization’s commitment to educate and empower participants to overcome hardships.

* Pictured L-R: Jodie Hertel, Lili Torres, Stephanie Holloway, John Baron, Shelly Logemann, Josh Lemos, Megan Doonan, Kevin Rudrud, Gabby Doyon
By Amy Malloy