3 Reasons Financial Advisors Want Realtors to Work with RPM


For successful real estate agents, a certain portion of their referral business comes from the financial advisors with whom they have built trusted relationships. Financial professionals call on agents first when they have clients who need help with real estate, and there are three key reasons why they want agents to work with RPM:

Mortgage lending is all we do.  In addition to providing mortgages to home buyers, “captive” financial institutions (or large banks) tend to highly encourage buyers to move some or all of their portfolio to them. This is probably not something a home buyer wants to think about when they’re already focused on a big financial decision – buying or refinancing a house. At RPM, mortgages are all we do and home buyers and financial advisors appreciate that our expertise is focused on that one, very important goal.

piggy bankPrograms that preserve capital. Being able to protect and maintain a diversified financial portfolio is a critical concern of any home buyer and financial advisor. RPM offers a vast array of options to serve such interests.  REX Homebuyer, delayed purchase financing, and jumbo loans with minimal reserve requirements are just three examples of mortgage options that allow buyers to keep more of their money invested in the market.

Results. We’ve built a reputation for getting real estate transactions done on time, at a favorable price and to the customers’ satisfaction. We’re the only privately owned residential mortgage originator to have earned S&P’s ranking of Above Average in all categories.

Financial advisor contacts are exceptionally important and their referrals extremely valuable to real estate agents. At RPM, we share the common objective of supporting the financial plans that our mutual clients have worked hard to establish. We are proud to continue the high level of service that begins with our referral partners. To find an RPM loan advisor near you, click here.

Rob Spinosa
By Rob Spinosa