Why Does Corporate Culture Matter?


Corporate culture can sometimes be difficult for companies to define. It’s something employees feel. It guides them through their work day and sets a tone for their experiences working with their company. It’s more than logos and slogans, it’s a unifying force that drives success or failure. But it is not always easy to capture or describe in words. So when Troy Chambers, branch manager of RPM’s Bellevue office, set out to define the culture that was developing around him, he enlisted the help of his team.

Troy asked the members of his office to reflect upon every aspect of their experiences in the workplace. Through a series of conversations and input from each team member, Troy was able to uncover several unifying values, including spirit of service, honesty, enthusiasm and positivity.

“I have been working on producing a document to define what we stand for and what motivates us as a team,” Chambers said. “I want to commit these values to paper so we don’t lose sight of our vision as we grow.”

team bellevueThe Bellevue branch recently gathered for a dinner to celebrate their achievements and unveil their shared goals of what the branch will be. Patrick Palmer, executive vice president of RPM in the Pacific North West, attended the dinner and was impressed by the team’s spirit of service, positivity and excellence. “Perhaps the most compelling part of the evening was when every teammate had the opportunity to discuss elements of their branch culture and core values. It was moving to see the emotion as people stood to speak of why they came to RPM and how happy they were to be a part of a growing branch. The resounding theme was how they all felt valued as individuals, which is uncommon at larger institutions.”

“Moving to RPM was the best career decision I’ve made in a long time,” said Elizabeth Armstrong, production partner. “I feel that my contributions are meaningful and the company’s core value of ‘Can Do. Will Do.’ resonates with me.”

“My favorite part is creating something together that is far greater than what we could do as individuals,” said Kier Wetherall, production partner.

When asked why corporate culture matters, answers from the team varied, but many said that the feeling of being appreciated topped their list. Working together under Troy’s leadership, the Bellevue team is committed to upholding their values by supporting each other and serving the community.

Statistics show that an organization that builds and reinforces a culture through action and employee engagement, creates a competitive advantage that is difficult to replicate. So, keep an eye on Team Bellevue and all that they are sure to accomplish.

By Amy Malloy