Can Social Business Thrive Under Regulatory Scrutiny?


For any company where professional reputations and customer relationships matter, social media is the sensible place to put marketing efforts and budget. For relatively little budget, audiences can be micro-targeted and reached easily on all devices. Individual experts can put forth their unique selling propositions, beyond the reputation of a corporate brand, in spaces where friends and friends of friends are paying attention. According to statistics portal company Statista, personal recommendations and consumer opinions posted online are the most trusted forms of advertising, so a strong online reputation is critical.

woman using mobile phoneBut, is it possible for individual consultants in highly regulated industries to engage with clients, be part of online conversations, and build digital reputations, while still managing compliance risk? We’ve spent the last couple of years working to answer this question and have achieved success by pulling together the following must-haves:

The Right Team
Qualified support staff must be in place on marketing, compliance, training and IT teams.

The Right Technology
Tech companies are investing time, talent and capital to meet the compliance needs of highly regulated businesses. At RPM, our partnership with Hearsay Social enables our loan advisors to easily execute compliant social business strategies.

The Right Strategy
A plan must be in place to engage the social, mobile customer. Social business tools must be seamlessly integrated with marketing strategy, regulatory guidelines and overall corporate vision.

RPM is empowering loan advisors to leverage social media to connect with clients and prospects. In a podcast with our partner, Hearsay Social, our Social Media Marketing Specialist, Amy Malloy, addresses content strategy and how changing regulations and customer expectations drive the need for new technology and strong online reputations. Click below to access the podcast.
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By Jill Sonderby, SVP Marketing and Communications