Five Tips for Preparing Your Home for Back-to-School!


It’s that time of year again! School will soon be in session, which means an influx of homework, afterschool activities and hectic schedules. Don’t stress – there’s still time to get your family back on track. Follow these helpful tips to organize your home for the upcoming school year!

Prepare For Departure

Children's clothing organized.Whether your family’s main point of entry and exit of your home is the garage or front doorway, there is always room for improvement. To help alleviate stress on school mornings, create a storage area with easy access to your children’s school belongings near your preferred exit. Establish a routine where your children leave their shoes, jackets and backpacks in this designated spot the night before. Parents can choose an area for their personal belongings too, such as purses, keys and phone chargers. Instead of tracking down a lost item, your family will know where to find their belongings, making your departure quick and efficient.

Designate a Homework Area

Boy's desk neatly organized.During the school year, your children will need a specific area where they can do homework, read and study. Create a productive work space, where outside distractions are minimal. Organize art and school supplies in containers, instead of putting them into the dark abyss of a junk drawer. Designating a functional and dynamic area will encourage and support better study habits.

Organize Your Kitchen

Young girl outside of organized fridge.During the school year, the kitchen is home to hurried breakfasts, afterschool snacks, family dinners and the packing of weekday lunches. To ensure that morning routines run swiftly and your kitchen stays clean after school, consider organizing your refrigerator and pantry to simplify the lunch packing process with minimal prep. Allot a section in the fridge for prepared lunch foods, like pre-portioned fruits and veggies, cheese sticks or yogurt. Also, choose a section of your pantry to store kid-friendly snacks that are within reach of your children. This will allow the kids to access food without asking for help and may even empower them to assist with lunch packing!

Develop a Family Activity Calendar

Family activity calendarWith every new school year comes new afterschool activities, events and deadlines. To assure that your family stays on top of its schedule and “To Do” list, set up a family activity calendar. On the activity calendar you can track work, soccer games, playdates and much more. This simple organizational tool can easily help manage your family’s busy schedule.

Conquer The Paperwork

File organizerCreate a basic household filing system for managing the daily influx of paperwork from the mailbox and those school backpacks. Even a small tabletop file can help prevent paperwork pile-up if organized into sections such as: To Pay, To Do, To File, etc. A folder can be included for each family member as well.

By Kendall Taylor