10 Chores to Do Every Year around Daylight Saving Time

Don't forget to fall back!

It’s time to fall back! In November you get to turn your clocks back and gain an hour of time. Some may choose to use that extra hour as bonus time for sleep, but for some it’s the perfect reminder to do a few semi-annual maintenance tasks. Below are 10 chores worth doing when you change the clocks back:

  1. Replace the batteries in the fire alarm and carbon monoxide detectors within your home.
  2. Check your pantry, fridge and medicine cabinet for expired products. To learn how to safely dispose of unused medicines, click here.
  3. Reset any appliances that may run on timers! You don’t want to brace the winter chill in the morning without a hot cup of coffee.
  4. Take the time to deep clean your oven in time for the upcoming holidays.
  5. Store any outdoor patio furniture or pillows that may get damaged during winter weather.
  6. Tackle any remaining fall maintenance tasks, such as clearing out the gutters, repairing broken roof shingles or cleaning out the fireplace.
  7. Clear out household hazardous waste from the garage including automotive fluids, pool or garden chemicals, expired batteries and paint products. To find a household hazardous waste collection near you, click here.
  8. Switch out any old furnace or A.C. filters.
  9. Check your emergency supplies. Do you have enough flashlight batteries or do you need to restock any band aids in your First Aid kit?
  10. Last, but certainly not least, change the clocks! Including the clocks in your kitchen and car.

By Kendall Taylor