5 Home Renovation Projects to Tackle this Summer


Summertime means blue skies and warm weather, which lends itself to pool parties, BBQs with neighbors and kids with melted popsicles dripping down their cheeks. Summertime offers a nice reprieve from spring showers and winter weather, making it the perfect time to accomplish home renovation projects! Below we are sharing 5 home renovation projects that you can tackle this summer:

Paint the House

One of the easiest and most inexpensive upgrades you can make to your home is adding a fresh new coat of paint to your walls and exteriors. If you are contemplating selling your home soon, consider colors that appeal to wide array of people, such as grey or off-white with darker trim. If the vibrant colors of summer inspire you, think of brightening up your exterior by painting your front door a bright and fun color like yellow or blue. This is a simple way to upgrade your curb appeal without committing to a re-paint of the entire exterior. Remember if you live in community with an HOA, check the HOA rules before deciding on a specific color.

Update the Kitchen

During a kitchen remodel your family won’t be able to use the kitchen, which can be especially tricky during the colder winter months. Where can you feed your children? How will you be able to prepare food? How will you rinse dishes? During the summer months, you can prepare dinner on the grill and dine al fresco while enjoying a nice summer evening. You can also store your food in a small refrigerator in the garage to keep your perishables cold while your kitchen is out of commission.


Jealous of your neighbor’s lush landscaping? It’s not too late to freshen up your outdoors! Start by trimming any unruly bushes and clear out any unwanted weeds. Just mowing the lawn and taming your existing bushes can dramatically improve your landscaping. If you want to go a step further and plant a garden, consider starting with low maintenance perennials, such as daylilies or sage. Pick an assortment of colored plants and flowers that you will enjoy seeing in your backyard. Consult a professional at your local greenhouse to see which plants do best in your area and climate.

Enhance the Bathroom

Could your bathroom use a little TLC? Update your bathroom by installing tile accents or subway tiles on the walls of your shower or backsplash. If you want a more glamorous update, you can enhance your bathroom by adding a unique statement mirror or updating your lighting fixtures. For a more contemporary look, swap out your faucet for a sleek and modern fixture. Painting and changing the hardware on cabinetry can also help refresh the space.

Additional Space

Adding additional rooms to your home can take several weeks and sometimes months to complete. Luckily, with summer comes longer days which allow you, or your contractor, to accomplish more during the daylight than in the late fall or winter. If this is a renovation that you are considering, make sure to plan ahead and schedule your contractor in these highly sought after summer months.

What summer home projects are you tackling this summer? Share in the comments below!

By Kendall Taylor

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