7 Holiday Hosting Tips


From now until we ring in 2018, there are many holidays and festivities to celebrate. Gathering with friends, family and loved ones is one of the many perks of the holidays. However, as the host, it can become increasingly overwhelming. Preparation is key to relieving undue stress when hosting. Below we are sharing our tips for surviving hosting during this holiday season:


Look to the little details to add an extra flare to your decorations. A candy cane placed on a folded napkin, a cinnamon stick used as a cocktail swizzle or a simplistic pinecone centerpiece are all relatively easy decorations that can make a big impact. Consider setting the mood by opting for candles or a string of twinkling lights instead of your normal overhead lighting.

Stock the Bathroom

This is one of our less glamorous tips, but an equally important one! Make sure to stock your bathroom with extra toilet paper and tissues. Your home will have more foot traffic than a typical night, so make sure that your guests are comfortable. Which may just mean, bringing out the fancy hand soap!

Gather an Emergency Kit

Nothing can change the mood faster than red wine spilling on your new carpet. Prepare for this inevitable situation by gathering all your go-to cleaning supplies. Place some stain remover and paper towels in an easy, but out of site, location. Now you can rest easy, knowing that if disaster strikes, you have all the necessities to remedy the situation.

Extra Seating

It’s unlikely that your home is prepared to host a large number of people at any given time. Borrow some extra chairs from your neighbors or relatives– making sure to leave a few ‘just in case’ seats. If you run short on seating, you will be relieved to have a few tucked away in the garage.

Self-Serve Station

To save yourself the time and hassle of individually serving your guests drinks, set up a self-serve station in an area that will not block foot traffic or the kitchen. Set up a table with all the beverages items you will be offering, a bowl of ice and the necessary stemware in an easy-to-reach spot. To save your guests from debating what they would like to sip on, you can offer a fun holiday-themed punch!


Plan your menu ahead and try some do-ahead recipes. The more food you can prepare before your guests arrive, the more time you will be able to spend enjoying your guests. Consider using finger-food only appetizers. These dishes don’t require utensils, meaning less cleanup later on. Also, there is no shame in having some delicious store-bought extras, in case food starts to run low.

Accept Help

There is no need to be the perfect and all-providing host! When guests ask what they can bring, don’t hesitate to take them up on their offer. Every party can do with additional appetizers, beverages, or an extra bag of ice.

Did we miss your go-to hosting tip? Share in the comments below!

By Kendall Taylor