Grilling Safety Ideas Every Family Should Know This Summer

Photo Credit: Taylor Grote

Summer makes it perfect for families to enjoy sumptuous grilled foods. However, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) noted that grilling puts many homes at risk of catching fire. As we plan to enjoy grilling during the summer months, it’s critical that we practice safe grilling techniques to prevent house fires.

Prevent house fire with these grilling safety tips

New York firefighter, Lou Femia recently gave fire safety tips as families are expected to set up their grills while enjoying warm summer months. Femia urges households not to place barbecue grills near house walls. The Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA advised to only use a grill in the open air with at least 3 feet distance away from the wall, and other infrastructure.

According to the NFPA July is the peak month for grilling fires nationwide, blaming leaking or faulty gas grills for the 8,700 average house fire every year. Solid fuelled or charcoal grills, on the other hand, were accounted for the 1,100 house fires every year.

Make sure your home has enough and properly working smoke alarms

Smoke alarms can help you detect and prevent house fires. The American Red Cross suggests that every level of a home should have smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms, including every bedroom and along pathways of sleeping areas. Activate the smoke alarm’s test button at least once a month to ensure it’s properly working. Immediately change smoke alarm batteries when needed. Safety agencies suggest scheduling battery replacements as you change clock time from standard to daylight savings. Newer homes are required to have hard-wired interconnected smoke alarms in compliance with the National Fire Alarm Code.

Aside from installing alarms at home, some homeowners also consider having fire extinguishers and automated fire sprinkler systems that automatically activate and extinguish the fire before it even spreads.

A few helpful tips to make your grilling more enjoyable this summer

As grilling activities are expected to last until Labor Day, you may want to consider some helpful tips if you are grilling with your family and friends anytime soon. Start by thoroughly cleaning your grill. If you’re using a gas grill, ensure that the tank has enough gas and it doesn’t have any leaks.

Season the meats with liberal amounts of salt, pepper, and any rub before grilling. A good rule of thumb is to salt the meat twice, as much as you think is needed! Another rule of thumb is to brush any barbecue sauce on the meat while it’s on the grill but prior to the meat cooking. Make sure to thoroughly cook any meat to the right temperature. Using a food thermometer, the Food Safety and Inspection Service advise cooking raw beef, lamb, pork, and veal steaks within the safe minimum of 145°F internal temperature, 160°F for ground meats, and 165°F for chicken and other poultry meats. While you don’t want your guests to eat charred food, you sure also don’t want them to suffer from illnesses caused by undercooked meat.

RPM Mortgage wishes everyone an enjoyable summer experience

The professional loan advisors at RPM Mortgage wishes you and your family an enjoyable and safe summer experience. Invite us! We’re more than excited to celebrate with you. If you’re hosting a grilling activity anytime soon, we encourage you to practice these safety tips.