Helpful Tips on Setting Up an Affordable Workstation at Home

Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

Setting up a workstation at home could be on the top of your remodeling dreams if you’re one of the many people who prefer telecommuting to have a work-life balance. There’s a growing trend of people looking for a job that allows them to work at home. If your employer allows you to telecommute, now is the perfect time to set up your workstation. It’s possible for you to have a workstation at home even when you’re on a budget and you don’t have enough space.

Advanced computing technology and a reliable internet connection made many people consider working at home. Nowadays, it’s possible for employees to hold meetings through live video conferences while in the comforts of their home. Employees have started to realize the benefits of telecommuting. Parents, for example, can spend more quality time and focus on their young children if their employers allowed them to work from home. In a 2018 survey, telecommuters earned more than $2,000 in annual income as compared with their counterparts who use public transportation to go to the office.

Creativity is all you need to set up an affordable home workstation

Whether you have limited space at home, or you don’t have remodeling funds yet to build your dream home office, there are ways you can do to have a place that could boost your productivity. Practical home improvement site, The Spruce, gave some helpful tips on how you can set up your home workstation.

  • Everything starts with a good plan – You may want to determine first your daily tasks so you can figure out which part of your home is best to set up your workstation. Make way for any electrical outlet provisions where you can plug your PC and printer. There are tons of videos on YouTube where you can find inspirations to give you an idea of how to plan your home workstation.
  • Find or make way for the sweet spot – A space at the living room where you could hear your neighbors chatting is not a good spot if you always make calls. A closet workstation at your bedroom could be an ideal option if you want a quiet place to take calls. In some situations, you may only need to reorganize a part of your home to give you an idea where you can set up your makeshift office.
  • Innovate with whatever material is available – Try to maximize all the things you already have at home. You can create a wall-mounted workstation if you have a good size of scrap plyboard sitting in the garage. Temporarily, you may use your sofa or dining chair as your “office chair” until you save enough to buy a real ergonomic office chair. Make sure to decorate your workstation in such a way that it will inspire you to become productive or creative. It could be one of your favorite happy family portraits or any art paintings you did.
  • Your neighbors might have the things you need – Instead of ditching your old furniture, you may want to find out if one of your neighbors may want them in exchange of something that may fit your makeshift workstation. You may also want to offer services to your neighbor and have a piece of their old furniture that you may need.

A recent Telecommuting Trend Data of revealed that there is approximately 40 percent of employees who work outside the office at some point. For most employees surveyed (80-90 percent), they consider teleworking for at least two to three days a week to have a good balance.

If you highly consider working at home, or your employer gives you this option, it’s important that you find a good spot inside your home where you can be productive with your daily tasks as a telecommuter. Setting up your home workstation is possible even if you have limited space and budget.