Find Out Why You Should Not Skip a Sewer Inspection

Image by Greg Reese from Pixabay

When buying a home, people will try to do everything to lower down their overall cost of owning their dream home. Homebuyers will shop for a mortgage, closing company, and inspection companies to possibly get the best offers. As a homebuyer, you may find it tempting to skip home inspections as most lenders often don’t require it. Because it’s buried under the ground, you may not care to find out the sewer’s condition especially if you’re delighted with the home’s aesthetics. However, if you are considering buying a relatively old home, getting a sewer inspection could save you from spending thousands of dollars in home repairs.

Raw sewage flood in basement cost family $24,000 in repairs

Clarendon Hills residents, Bill and Mary Maloney recently told CBS 2 that raw sewage flooded the basement of their home twice, costing the couple $24,000 in repairs. According to the Maloneys, they woke up one morning and found out that there’s a 20-inch stench wastewater flood in their basement. The Flagg Creek Water Reclamation District who checked the home’s sewer told the couple that it wasn’t a Flagg Creek issue and left the couple with a flood of raw sewage to clean up.

A restoration company that removed the sewage water warned the couple that the flooding might continue if the sewer problem is not fixed. The couple also learned from the restoration company that Flagg Creek inspected the wrong manhole. Crews from Flagg Creek came back to fix the second flooding after the couple told them that the sewer was clogged.

The home that the Maloneys bought was built in 1942, and Flagg Creek crews said they found it difficult to trace the problem because the lines that lead to the sewer were already outdated. The couple was hoping to get reimbursement from their insurance.

A sewer inspection is a must for older homes

As someone planning to buy a home for the first time, you don’t want to end up with a property that would cost you thousands of dollars in repairs just after a few years of living. Architectural style, flooring, and structural panels can help you determine the age of a property. In a Lansing State Journal article, Accurate Inspections, LLCs Jason Murton noted the importance of a sewer inspection for homes that are built prior to 1970. According to Murton sewer lines in older homes significantly deteriorate over time. You may also need a sewer inspection if the home you’re planning to buy is in a community with lots of trees. Murton said tree roots can heavily damage sewer lines. Aside from old age, previous ground works, poor installation works, and inferior materials are some of the factors that could cause sewer problems.

According to HomeAdvisor a typical sewer inspection with a video camera could cost around $229 to $842. A video inspection can give you accurate information about the home’s sewer condition and any problems without the need of too much excavations. Before closing on your home, you may want to shop first for a sewer inspector so you can get the best price in the market.

As a homebuyer, sewer inspection is one of the inspections that you should not skip on when buying an old property. Although a sewer inspection is an additional expense, it can help you detect potential problems that could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.