Consider These Top Virtual Tour Software When Selling Your Home


The new coronavirus disease or COVID-19 is interrupting the homebuying craze this spring season. Most people who have decided to make the big purchase this time of the year suddenly became cautious of viewing open houses for fears of getting exposed to the virus. You may consider having virtual tours if you’re selling your home on your own and you want to showcase the beauty of your home to potential buyers as the nation still finds a cure for the COVID-19.

Using some basic photography skills, here are the latest real estate virtual software you may want to use if you plan to put your home in the market:

  1. iStaging – This easy-to-use software allows you to use your mobile device or tablet to showcase your home through virtual or augmented reality technology. You can use this software to take pictures or scan floor plans.
  2. Tourwizard – Consider this software if you want to take panoramic shots of your home and turn it into a virtual tour. This software also allows you to add maps and the videos you’ll take are optimized for search engines which means potential buyers could easily view your virtual tours.
  3. My360 – This software could help you capture and render 360° images of your home, and store it in a hosted cloud infrastructure to make it accessible to potential buyers anywhere in the world. Consider this easy-to-use software if you want to capture footages of your home using a variety of cameras.
  4. Roundme – Capture panoramic shots of your home and easily convert it into 360-degree tours. This software automatically renders your footages into an attractive presentation so your potential buyers could view your virtual tour in any device. Use Roundme if you want to showcase your virtual tour on a website.
  5. EyeSpy360 – Consider this fast software if you want to use your 360° virtual reality (VR) camera to capture footages of your home and turn it into virtual reality tours. Once you publish your virtual tour online, multiple buyers can simultaneously view your virtual tour on their favorite devices.

* The list of top real estate virtual tour software originally appeared on pdfelement.       

Virtual tours protect homebuyers and sellers from COVID-19

A recent article from the Dallas Morning News reveals that real estate professionals are adapting creative ways to do business as the COVID-19 continues to infect people everywhere. Holding a virtual tour is one of the ways to protect homebuyers and sellers from the virus.

Giving virtual tours could be an option for home shoppers who want to take advantage of the very competitive mortgage rates in the market right now.

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If you have plans of selling your existing home and buying a new one, getting a bridge loan could give you an edge if suddenly you found the next property that best suits your family. Bridge loans could help you finance the new home you’re about to purchase even if your current home is still in the market. This will enable your family to move immediately to your next home.

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