Side Gig Ideas That Could Help Boost Your Income


Millions of Americans have recently filed for unemployment claims as the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues to snowball, shutting down businesses across the nation. Many families could experience financial difficulties in these trying times. To address the situation, the U.S. Senate had passed a $2 trillion economic stimulus bill to ensure families remain in their homes while the world continues to deal with the pandemic.

If you lost your job as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the first thing you need to do is apply for your unemployment benefits. If you’re fortunate to keep your job but your salary has been significantly reduced, looking for a side gig could be an option.

Applying for a mortgage forbearance could be a viable option if you think you’ll likely miss making payments for the next few months.

If you want to boost your finances, here are some side gig ideas worth considering this year, according to

  • Become a Census worker – The U.S. Census is expecting to recruit hundreds of thousands of people for temporary jobs nationwide to interview household residents and update address lists. Pay rates depend on the state where an applicant lives. Aside from paid training, successful applicants will be paid on a weekly basis and they could work on their own time.
  • Apply for online jobs – While many businesses have been affected by the COVID-19, especially the brick-and-mortar ones, companies that operate online have created thousands of jobs. For example, Amazon is expecting to hire 100,000 workers to accommodate the increasing demand of people avoiding physical stores for fear of getting infected. Some of the real work from home jobs include virtual assistants, content writing, medical transcriptionist, language translators, and web development. While it’s possible to earn a decent income online, first-timers should thoroughly research an online company to avoid falling victims to scams. 
  • Become a personal fitness instructor – Athletic buffs may consider this side gig if they think they can help other people who are actively looking for ways to stay physically fit. Interested individuals who want to become a personal trainer are required to secure certifications, licenses, and pass a personal training exam before they can start looking for clients.
  • Become a real estate professional or a loan advisor – For individuals thinking of shifting careers or those who have work experience may consider this field to help people buy a home. Interested individuals may leverage this uncertain time to take online courses, refreshers and get certifications. Nowadays, companies provide cutting-edge technology solutions to real estate and mortgage professionals to enable them to work even at the comforts of their home. There are mortgage companies looking for modern loan advisors who can operate their business while being completely mobile.

COVID-19 online job application tips (Bonus!)

Aside from having a stable internet connection and a functional laptop that meets the online job you’re applying for, it’s also important that you’re aware of a few online interview and chat applications. If you’re applying for an online job, potential employers will likely schedule you for an online interview. Some employers may require you to download Skype, Microsoft Teams, GotoWebinar, Zoom or any popular video conferencing tool to know you better. Make sure that the camera and audio functionalities of your device are properly working. You may want to test your computer while rehearsing for an upcoming online interview.

Having an online interview at the comfort of your home doesn’t mean you don’t have to prepare. Choose an appropriate place inside your home where you’ll want to have the interview. For example, you may want to have your online interview inside your home with sufficient lighting, plain background, and controlled noise. Potential employers may not consider you for the role you’re applying for if they think you don’t have a work-conducive place inside your home.

Like in a conventional office interview, make sure to ready your device and log in to the video conferencing tool a few minutes before your scheduled interview. Wearing a smart-casual attire and trying to make yourself presentable can do the trick, even without taking a shower.  


After applying for your unemployment benefits, applying for side gigs is worth considering if you want to earn an extra income in this difficult situation that you’ve been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The ideas mentioned here are just a few of the side gigs that you can apply for.  

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  1. This is a wonderful post, thank you thank you thank you. My business is failing and now with the covids all around I had to announce a very large paycut to my employees. I’m going to share this article with them so they can work after hours and replace the income they lost working for me. I’m going to take this advice as well and get certified as a personal trainer as you mentioned above. People often compliment me on my fitness and I’ve become a web-conferencing expert thanks to the viruses and I think I can combine those two talents into a gratifying side gig. Plus if my company goes bankrupt, at least I will have my health and peace of mind knowing I helped other find health and other work.

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