5 Updates to Create a Smart Home


Now that we are almost finishing up 2020, it is time to bring your home into this decade! Sadly, we still don’t have hoverboards or robot butlers, but you can still elevate your home to make it work more efficiently for you. With a few minor tweaks and a couple of new gadgets, your home can become a smart home. By updating your home’s sound, lighting, temperature, security, and safety you’ll be able to feel like your home is doing all the work on its own. 


Do you find yourself stuck after planning an outdoor party and the speakers don’t reach the back porch? A Bluetooth speaker can help keep you untethered from an outlet, and cords. 

If you don’t have a Bluetooth speaker by this point, now is the time to invest in one. There are so many speakers out on the market that are waterproof and can connect to a smart system like Alexa, Siri, or Google. And they are arguably better in your home than a surround-sound system since you can control where the sound goes.   


Doorbells probably seem like an alarm clock to most people. They have one job, and if they do their basic function that is a win, but why not have them do more? Brands like Google Nest and Ring have developed doorbells that also have cameras. Many of them will help you detect when there is motion near your door, record video for you to look back at, and allow you to speak to someone at your door. Goodbye to the days of having to worry if someone was going to take your package from your front doorstep while you were out! 


Thermostats can be some of the peskiest pieces of ancient tech in the home. They are usually unflattering and harder to understand than they should be. Now, thanks to products like Google Nest Thermostat, there are much sleeker designs out there that elevate the aesthetics of your home and are more intuitively functional. Many thermostats have also moved to a circular design, making users feel like they are dialing up or down to change the temperature. These advanced thermostats also feature energy history, allowing you to monitor and be conscious of your energy usage. 


Light bulbs have advanced in technology over the past few years. From the evolution of fluorescent bulbs to dimmers and now the newest gadget on the scene… color-changing lights. Some of the most popular lighting brands are embracing the fact that people want to customize every aspect of their homes. Lighting is a huge factor when it comes to the environment you live in. With bulbs like the Phillips Hue system, you can easily change the mood of any space with a simple touch of your phone.


Home security is probably the biggest advancement in the smart home space. No longer is security a luxury only a few can afford. Now you can equip your home with the best technology and make your home feel secure. The brand that has seen the most advancement and popularity is Ring. Their security cameras can help you see through your smartphone or tablet what is going on inside and outside your home. Amazingly, through the Google Hub, you can control the Google Nest Thermostat, the Phillips Hue system, and the Ring camera.   

Bonus: Cleaning

Though robot vacuums have been around since the early 2000s, over the past 20 years, they have become much more sophisticated and affordable. Nowadays many robot vacuum cleaners can be controlled through an app on your phone, so you can leave your home and arrive with your house having been cleaned while you were gone. They can also be easily transported if you are moving away or want to take it to a rental property. Ma and Pa Kettle might be befuddled but George Jetson would be proud of our advancements! 

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