How Real Estate Agents can be Your Guide


Whether you are looking to move to a new city or a different neighborhood, a real estate agent can be a huge asset in helping you get the home of your dreams. Their expertise, experience, and knowledge will benefit you when looking to start the next chapter of your life. If you’re still not convinced, we have a guide that will show you all the reasons why a real estate agent is a way to go when buying a new home.

1. Lay of the Land

Whichever community you are looking to join, whether it is in a new state or a different neighborhood, you’ll need some help figuring out the lay of the land. Real estate agents know the different areas like the back of their hands and can help you find the perfect place to live. If you want to live in a vibrant downtown but are looking for something not dominated by high-rises, they will know how to navigate the streets. If you’re looking for a quite community with access roads to local fishing, a real estate agent can point out the best spots. Finding a local real estate agent who has lived many years in the area will be a benefit to you, so you do not have to figure this out by yourself. Their knowledge of every town and neighborhood (sometimes within a 50-mile radius) will help you save time, money, and ultimately some headache.

2. Insider Up-to-Date Information

If you fancy yourself a budding real estate agent because you spend an inordinate amount of time on Zillow and, you haven’t even scratched the surface. Actual real estate agents have access to the most up-to-date information about homes coming off and on the market. In addition, they utilize the multiple listing service (MLS), a database available to all real estate agents with a BRE#. This shared data isn’t available to the average person, providing real estate agents with a unique insider knowledge when it comes to knowing which house could potentially work for you. It opens up the possibilities quickly.

3. Negotiation Skills

When buying a home, you will want to make sure you are getting it at the best price. In the United States, we don’t embrace haggling in daily life much as our international counterparts do. However, where we do know to negotiate is when it comes to buying a home. Sure, someone has listed a house at $775,000, but is it worth it? Real Estate agents will help you make sure you are not overspending on a house, especially if you know you need to do a lot of work to make it the house of your dreams. They will be the ones negotiating with the sellers’ or the sellers’ real estate agent. They are the ones going to battle for you instead of you doing it yourself. You wouldn’t represent yourself in court, so why would you try to represent yourself in one of the most important purchases you’ll make in your life? You’re paying for their expertise, fiduciary responsibility, and knowledge to fight for your win.

4. Confidentiality

Real estate agents are expected to always uphold their Fiduciary Duties when dealing with homebuyers or home sellers. This means confidentiality and keeping your best interest paramount. Buying a home requires tons of sensitive information about your financials being shared with the agent as well as a limited number of others that are involved in the transaction. If you were to buy from an FSBO (For Sale By Owner), they have no legal responsibility to not sell your information. A real estate agent has a duty to protect you.

5. Connections

Much like the MLS where agents are connected and able to share housing information, so too do they know people in the community who can help you. If you’re looking to remodel, landscape, or design new parts of your home, your real estate agent can help you find the perfect person to get the job done. These people are pre-verified through your agent so you don’t have to search Google for hours looking for a contractor or scour Task Rabbit for a painter. And many times the contractors they recommend have been working with them for years. Beyond this, and because agents know the community so well, they can help you look at the schools in the district, show you the best restaurants, and keep you up-to-date on events happening so you can be familiarized with the community.

Take the stress out of buying a home by getting a real estate agent to help you with all the work. Their knowledge of the area you are moving to, expertise in negotiation, and confidentiality will greatly benefit you when picking your new abode. If you’re looking to move, make sure to meet with one of our RPM Mortgage Loan Advisors to get a mortgage pre-approval and connect you with trusted real estate agents along the way.