Free Ways to Take Care of Yourself

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Got the winter blues? Stuck in a funk and don’t want to spend any money? We completely understand and want to help you get out of this rut without hurting your bank account. No need to buy yourself anything to try and bring a smile to your face. Here are 15 ways you can take care of yourself for free.

1. Organize and declutter your home

Channel your inner Marie Kondo and start to take control of your home. Whether you need to declutter your clothing, organize your spice rack, or clear away all the files on your computer, now is the time to say goodbye to the things that don’t spark joy.

2. Dance Around Your House

Turn on your Spotify or get a record on and start dancing it out. Who said you can only dance in a club or with other people? Dancing at home is the best because you get to be your own DJ and choose a playlist you like, you can wear whatever you want, and you can go grab some water when you start breaking a sweat.

3. Water and clean up all of your plants

Remember all those house plants you got and have been neglecting over the winter? They are still dependent on you for water and care. Take 15 minutes out of your day and give them a nice splash of water, maybe even trim them up so they feel fresh and new.

4. Hot bath

Relax your muscles and your mind with a nice bath. If you don’t have a tub, a nice shower will also work. Don’t think about all the stresses in your life. Just let the warm water wash away all of your problems. Take the time to let your mind forget even for a moment about all the problems you will have to face later.

5. Stretch or do yoga

Even if you don’t have a yoga mat you can still try out some moves. Turn on a YouTube class or just go with whatever feels right for you and get your muscles moving and stretching. Those of us hunched over a computer all day will surely benefit from some nice stretches.

6. Make a meal with only items currently in your pantry

Don’t want to go to the grocery store or order out? Look to your pantry. There are tons of ingredients just sitting there waiting to be used. It may seem like a daunting task to think of a recipe but you probably have more possibilities than you might initially think. Try this Caramelized Shallot Pasta by Alison Roman which is easily adaptable to whatever you have at home.

7. Drink a hot cup of tea or coffee

Take a breath and enjoy a nice cup of your favorite hot beverage. Whether you are a drip coffee drinker, a tea purist, or a cappuccino aficionado, you can still savor your drink without the worries of the day. Maybe even sit by the fire and read a book you already have that is just collecting dust on your shelves.

8. Explore your surroundings

Even if your neck of the woods is getting a ton of snow or enjoying a nice dash of sunlight, you can still go outside of your house and explore someplace new. Or even if you cannot because there is a Nor’easter, take out a photo album or watch a movie about someplace you’ve never been before and see new surroundings.

9. Watch a favorite childhood movie

With the new comes the opposite: familiarity. Tune into your favorite movie from childhood. If you have it on DVD or downloaded onto your computer, these are easy ways to watch your favorite movies without spending money. Now pass the popcorn or whatever treat you have as you settle into a night of nostalgia.

10. Try on clothes and have a fun fashion show

Not only will you be able to rediscover pieces you’ve left to the far recesses of your closet, but you’ll be able to decide if you want to keep them or not. Take a new approach to spring cleaning and make it into a fashion show complete with music and looks.

11. Try to recreate a crazy makeup look

Ever wanted to try a smokey eye, colorful eyeliner, or a bold red lip but never had the guts to do it? Now is your chance. Take out your worn makeup palettes and create a new crazy look that you can remember forever.

12. Zoom party with friends

Since so many of us are away from friends, take the time to organize a virtual gathering. Set a time for you all to meet up, that way everyone can look forward to it. Make yourself a drink and wear a nice outfit and pretend you all are meeting up for dinner when you all are actually just at home.

13. Take an online workshop or watch YouTube video for a new skill

During this time, people have been learning languages, skills, and tips that they will take with them into the future. Try learning a new skillset by taking an online course or watching YouTube videos like these ones about how to make an origami paper crane, how to hand sew, and how to speak Italian.

14. Watch animal videos

If you watch a video of animals and it doesn’t make you smile, please check the other tips above. This one is for those of us who love animals but can’t own one just yet. There are tons of videos out there of adorable animals so get ready to hear the oohs and awws.

15. Reach out to a friend you haven’t talked to in a while

Remember those friends you used to hang out with? They are just as alone as you are right now, so why not reach out them? The worst thing that will happen is that they won’t text you back. The more likely thing that will happen is that you’ll be able to restart a friendship that was fizzling out. You’ll not only feel better for the reconnection, but I bet the other person on the other side will feel better as well. It is a win-win.