LendUS Celebrates Mother’s Day With Stories and Photos From Our Employees


Here at LendUS, we know Mother’s Day means a lot of different things to different people. That is why we wanted to celebrate all kinds of mothers out there this May 9th. Whether they are soon-to-be, grand, great, biological, adoptive, spiritual, or supportive maternal figures in your life, we want to honor them. We asked our LendUS employees to send us photos and stories of them as mothers or the mothers in their lives to spread love and cheer on this day.

Samantha Marti – Social Media Marketing Coordinator

Samantha Marti and her fiancé are delighted not only to be getting married but also to become parents! The soon-to-be mother is nine weeks along and cannot wait for this bundle of joy to be brought into the world.

Heidi McLaughlin – Marketing Assistant

Heidi is celebrating generations of grandmothers, mothers, and daughters. In this photo, Heidi took her mother and daughters out for pedicures on Mother’s Day. This outing was the first time her daughters had ever gotten pedicures. In this photo, from left to right, we have: Heidi’s mom, Kelly, Heidi’s eldest daughter, Morgan, Heidi’s youngest daughter, Alexis, and Heidi. All smiles for a spa day!

Honeylette Ortega – Operations Manager

These two beauties, Honeylette, on the right, and her Mama, on the left, always seem to get mistaken as twin sisters. Honeylette hopes her Mama will live long enough to meet her great-grandchildren one day. Who wouldn’t want a Mama like Honeylette’s? She says her Mama is selfless, generous, and a superwoman that will do anything to make others happy.

Andria Eames – Branch Manager of LendUS in Billings, MT

With a family this grand, it is no wonder Andria wants to celebrate the matriarch, her mother, Linda Brum. Linda, the redhead in the middle, is surrounded by her three children and grandchildren in this photo. Andria, the blonde in a black top behind Linda, considers her amazing mother to be her best friend, and the whole family feels so lucky to have her in their lives. The only family member missing in this photo is Linda’s adorable Rottweiler Kona.

Amanda Methot – Director of Marketing

Amanda, pictured in pink, is so proud to be the mother of her amazing daughter Ruby, pictured in a blue and yellow dance outfit standing on her tippy-toes. This past Saturday, her little girl turned six. As the proud dance mama to Ruby, Amanda enjoys seeing her daughter dance ballet, jazz, and Acro. In this photo, Amanda and Ruby were both so excited to see her dance at her recital that Ruby can barely keep her feet on the ground.

Roxie McGovern – Operations Partner

This Mother’s Day, Roxie is honoring her namesake, her Mamijan (Armenian Grandmother), Araksie Alexanian. When Araksie moved to the United States from Armenia, she changed her name to Roxie, which she passed down to her granddaughter. Though her Mamijan passed away a few years after Roxie was born, she could still connect with her namesake through stories. Her family told her stories of her Mamijan’s kindness, her love for her family and her homeland, and about the love of her life, Kegham, Roxie’s Babijan (Armenian Grandfather).

Brooke Davis ­– Transaction Coordinator

Brooke and her whole family wanted to give their mom a big shout-out this Mother’s Day. We’re pretty sure Brooke’s mom is a superhero because she raised four children, which is a huge accomplishment. She works so hard for them, and Brooke says they could not imagine life without her. All the children are truly grateful for everything their mom does for them, and they hope she enjoys her special day. In the photo from left to right: Landon, Lacey, Bailey, Mom, Dad, Brooke.

Elaine Selna – Copywriter; Anne Selna – Business Analyst

Elaine, pictured on the left, wants to give her mom, Anne, pictured on the right, a shoutout for all the amazing work and support she has given her throughout her life, most especially these past two years. This mother-daughter duo now both work at LendUS. Anne, a Business Analyst, started in 2012, and Elaine, a copywriter, began in 2021. Having gone through so much together, nothing will tear this pair apart. Here they are pictured at Elaine’s university graduation in 2018.