We’re Celebrating Father’s Day!


We know Father’s Day means a lot of different things to different people. That is why we’re celebrating all father figures this June 20th. Whether they are biological or adoptive fathers, soon-to-be dads, or beloved grandparents that have passed on, we appreciate all the hard work our father figures have done to care for us. From our LendUS Family to yours,  we’re spreading joy and love this Father’s Day!

Chelsea Edwards – Junior Loan Processor

Chelsea is celebrating the many generations of men in her family. The top row photo features her father, John Junior Frazee Jr., with his father, her Papaw and best friend John Junior Frazee, on her parent’s wedding day 40 years ago, on June 6th, 1981. Chelsea and her father, pictured in the first and second photos on the second row, got their love of animals from her Papaw’s side of the family. Both Chelsea’s Papaw, pictured holding her in the first photo on the third row, and her father served in the Navy. The second photo on the third row is her Papaw, during his Navy days who passed 22 years ago.

Frankie Agosto – Junior Loan Processor

Frankie would like to pay tribute to his father, Francisco Agosto. Francisco works every day in the sun but still makes it his mission to take Frankie’s daughters out with him to do something fun. Whether it’s daily walks, trips to the playground, or washing the car, he makes an effort to connect with his granddaughters, even when he is exhausted. Frankie loves that his father has such a special bond with his daughters and couldn’t ask for a better father than his own.

Roxie McGovern – Operations Partner

Roxie would like to honor the most important man in her life, her grandfather, Kegham “Chum” Alexanian. After surviving the Armenian genocide, Kegham immigrated to the United States and became a Marine Drill Sargent and Secret Operations Officer in World War II. After the war, he went on to work for the CIA, the United Nations International Refugee Organization, and started his own company while earning his Master’s in his 60s. Kegham was a kind and loving man who lived to be 97. Above Kegham is pictured with Roxie as a baby in 1975.

Rez Santiago ­­– Marketing Administrator

Rez is honoring his father, Ariston Santiago, who recently passed away. This photo is the last one he has with his father from when Ariston visited Rez in Manila in 2019. While visiting, Ariston bought a smartphone and some clothes for the upcoming festive season. As a child, Rez remembered how his father bragged about purchasing an authentic pair of Levi’s jeans for practically nothing, only to find out they were fake. Rez bought his father two pairs of genuine Levi’s jeans for the holiday season during this visit. May he rest in peace.

Kellcie Mullaney – Business Development Coordinator

Kellcie is honoring her favorite people, her husband, Ryan, and their daughter, Ainsley. Neither seems to know what it means to sleep in or sit still. Since Ryan is a teacher, he and Ainsley both take advantage of summer by going on adventures from sunrise to sunset. Kellcie and Ryan have been taking Ainsley to Oregon Ducks football games since she was born as they lived right across the street from the Autzen Stadium in Eugene.

Samantha Marti – Social Media Marketing Coordinator

This year, Samantha is celebrating three very special men in her life. She feels so blessed that her father, Oscar Marti, pictured with her in the first photo on the top row, is alive. Last year, Oscar had a 5% chance of making it out of a coma due to Covid-19. The second photo on the top row is Oscar with his wife, Samantha’s mother, Gilda ‘Cookie’ Marti, at the hospital. Samantha has always looked up to her brother, Steve, who bravely served in the Navy as a Logistics Officer and is a Lieutenant in the Orange County Sherriff’s office. He is pictured in the first photo on the second row with his family at a surprise deployment return party and with his sister in the second photo. Plus, Samantha and her fiancé Michael are also expecting their first child! Michael is the best gift Samantha could’ve asked for, and she knows he will be a great father to their child.

Elaine Selna – Copywriter; Anne Selna – Business Analyst

Anne and Elaine Selna are honoring Elaine’s father and Anne’s husband, Mark Selna. Mark is a great father and an excellent husband who has a generous heart. Having come from a big family, Mark always has a memorable story up his sleeve about his many siblings to share and is always willing to let out his inner child to keep the family smiling. From left to right, Elaine, Mark, Anne, Ruby (the dog), and Weston (Elaine’s brother) are all pictured above during an annual family beach trip in 2020 on his birthday.